Famous Pikes

  • Pikes and fraternity men in general have a legacy of being successful after their college years

    All but two U.S. Presidents have been members of fraternities
    Sixteen Vice Presidents have been members of fraternities
    67% of the U.S. President’s Cabinet since 1900 have been members of fraternities
    76% of U.S. Senators and Representatives have been members of fraternities
    85% of Supreme Court Justices since 1910 have been members of fraternities
    Of the nation’s 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by a fraternity member

    Famous Pikes Include:
    Nolan Bushnell – Founder of Atari/Chuck E. Cheese's
    Pete Sessions – U.S. Congressman
    Nicholas Lampson – U.S. Congressman
    Dr. Samuel H. Smith – Former President of WSU and NCAA Board
    Ted Koppel – ABC’s Nightline Anchor
    Tim McGraw – Country Music Artist
    Scott Van Pelt – ESPN Anchor
    Jeremy Piven – Actor on HBO series "Entourage"
    Jon Stewart – Host of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”
    Bobby Bowden – Head Football Coach, Florida State University
    Horace Grant – Professional Basketball Player
    Steve Prefontaine – National Track and Field Hall of Fame

    Famous U of A Pikes Include:

    Jon Kyl – U.S. Senator

    Todd Pletcher, a 1986 initiate, Winning Trainer, 2010 Kentucky Derby