• PIKE Wins Delta Gamma's Anchorsplash

    For the third time in four years, PIKE has won Delta Gamma's Anchorsplash, a philanthropy event that consists of multiple events: a skit, percentage night, dessert with DG, and capture the anchor.  Another event is Anchor Man, which PIKE's own, Brandon Feig, took first place in, making him Delta Gamma's new Anchor Man.  This honor makes Brandon an honory member of Delta Gamma and he will be featured on Delta Gamma's next composite.



    12th Annual CATwalk Presented by Pi Kappa Alpha

    December 1, 2013 marked the 88th anniversary of Gamma Delta's founding.  It also marked the first ever CATwalk that Gamma Delta has presented:


    Daily Wildcat article




    2012 Pike Firefighters Challenge Video





    2011 Pike Firefighters Challenge

    The men of the Gamma Delta Chapter held the 2nd Annual Pike Firefighters Challenge in March 2011. The men raised just under $6,000 to donate to the Embers of Hope Foundation. The Embers of Hope Foundation was established to provide children suffering from life threatening illnesses with a gift of hope.


    We are proud to announce the women of Alpha Epsilon Phi as the winners of the 2nd Annual Pike Firefighters Challenge!!

    PFC Aephi


    Previous PFC Champions:

    -Delta Delta Delta (2010)



    Pikes 4 Tykes


    Last year, Pike collected over 1,400 toys valuing over $10,000 dollars during our annual Pikes 4 Tykes Toy Drive. This year we are teaming up with Tucson Salvation Army (like we did last year), a local foundation by the name of the Lizzie Bell Foundation, and the University Medical Center. Much like last year, we will run our toy drive from October 18th through December 3rd. At the end of the toy drive, we will award the winning sorority with various gifts and prizes. There are a few events too, after the conclusion of the event but more information on these in the coming weeks. One addition this year will be that CVS, a community support of our event, will be collecting donations from community members at all of their Tucson store locations. 


    The winning donation for the 2010 Pikes 4 Tykes competition from the back to back champions, Alpha Delta Pi!




    Previous winning sororities:

    - Alpha Delta Pi (2010)

    - Alpha Delta Pi (2009)