What is SLAG?


    Pi Kappa Alpha was founded on the 4 pillars of SLAG:

    • Scholars
    • Leaders
    • Athletes
    • Gentlemen



    Your #1 priority at college is to excel in academics.  In today’s competitive world, 

    differentiating yourself from other college students is very important.  Academic excellence is the key to success in the future and can put you head and shoulders above your competition. From day one, Pi Kappa Alpha provides the resources and support that will make your time in college as successful as it can be.
    Here at the University of Arizona, Pi Kappa Alpha offers its members incentives and benefits for maintaining high levels of scholastic aptitude through our scholarship funds.  As you will see, the scholarship program has developed far beyond what other groups or fraternities could possibly offer as we have developed our own online test bank. It gives great opportunities for all chapter members to be rewarded for maintaining excellence both in and out of the classroom. In fact Pi Kappa Alpha recently received an award for Best New Member GPA from Greek Life.


    Leadership is the key to both Pi Kappa Alpha's success and the success of our individual members.  The Fraternity provides a valuable arena for developing and honing leadership skills that will benefit the individual member throughout life.  Pi Kappa Alpha provides leadership

     opportunities through executive positions within the chapter, as well as committee positions within the chapter. Pi Kappa Alpha promotesleadership through campus involvement by involving its members in positions of leadership in other organizations.  In fact the current Student Body President for UofA, Chris Nagata is a Pike. On a regional and international level, unique opportunities are offered in leadership training through Pike University Leadership Summits, The Academy, and the Chapter Executives Conference.


    Athletic competition provides valuable benefits to college students because it involves people in challenging each other to perform at their highest levels.  Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to inspiring its members to perform at their highest levels in everything they do.  Pi Kappa Alpha believes that through athletic competition our members will build teamwork skills fundamental to success in life, bolster unity within the chapter, and improve the quality of their overall college experience.

    Serenade adpi

    Six standout gentlemen started our Fraternity in 1868.  Today we continue in their tradition by only recruiting the best men.  Pi Kappa Alpha prides itself on the fact that we are composed solely of gentlemen. We recruit members who are respectful to themselves and others.  Once they are members, these men are given the opportunity to improve and practice proper social skills and behavior through membership development programming and Fraternity social events.  Producing quality gentlemen is the most important aspect of our Fraternity. Without the knowledge of being a gentleman, a scholar, a leader, or an athlete will never be able to reach his full potential.